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Considered as one of the most sustainable fishing methods (due to almost non-existent by-catch),

Pole & line fishing thrives in the Maldives. With young fishermen carrying this traditional way of fishing passed on by their fathers and their fathers before them, the tiny nation of the Maldives appears to be leading the way for sustainable fishing and healthier oceans. I embarked on a fishing trip with the crew of the Kan'Du Roalhi fishing vessel. Where in some nations working as a fisherman can be seen as a sign of low-class and harsh lifestyle, Maldivians take great pride in becoming fishermen. Some of the young folks I met on board even left their jobs working in luxurious Resorts (very abundant in the Maldives...) to embrace the lifestyle of fishermen which brings them better pay, more camaraderie and more free time to spend with their family.

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